Monday, May 16, 2011

Lunchtime Panel with ASD Individuals

Autism Defined:
"An odd state of focus."
"Hard to relate socially.  Poker face."
"After much consideration, research and many is a mental upgrade with not so upgraded side effects."

Friendship Defined:
"Trust of other people.  Pushes you outside your comfort zone."
"A need based on trust."

Feelings and Emotions
"Don't outwardly express.  Can have outbursts."
"Heightened emotions."
"If you are abnormal, you might as well accept it."

What Makes You Happy?
"Long walks"
"Memorizing comedic routines."

What Are Your Pet Peeves?
"Speaking in public"
"The economy."

Well-Known Individuals on the Spectrum (per panel)
Bill Gates, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Temple Grandin

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